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Soothing Yoga & Somatics with Jane
Classes in Chippenham, Corsham, Neston and the surrounding Wiltshire villages. Discover the magic of yoga.  As Roald Dahl said "A little magic can take you a long way."   

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  • Gentle movement, breathwork & meditation to open the body, support flexibility, build strength & calm the mind.

  • Inclusive & friendly group classes for all ages and all levels.

  • Small Groups Classes available - max 4 students, in a cosy loft studio overlooking the fields of Neston.

  • Supportive & specialised classes for older adults available - a mixture of both mat & accessible chair classes. 

June/July Schedule 
New Term Starts 3 June


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There are no spaces for the July block, but please get in touch to reserve a Summer school or September space

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Free trial class available

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Yoga For Older Adults

I offer separate & specialised yoga classes for older students. Without the pressures of younger students, the more mature of my students have felt more comfortable, which has enabled them to build confidence, gently increase mobility, flexibility, strength & balance, whilst learning tools to help relax and calm the mind. These classes are generally for 65+, but there is no hard and fast age rule, as some younger students prefer to attend these sessions and many older students attend the wider mat classes. 


Both Mat & Chair Classes are on offer - the full timetable is set out above. Chair classes are ideal for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of yoga & movement, but find getting up & down from the floor challenging.

Increase flexibility, mobility & build strength

Support bone & joint health

Calm the mind

Join a warm & welcoming community

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