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School Yoga

Yogamagic introduces yoga to children in a fun, secular and non-spiritual way, allowing them to increase fitness, strength and coordination, whilst also learning to reflect, focus and relax.  Yoga can be taught across all ages and is fully inclusive. 

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Benefits of Yoga for Children

•  Yoga is fun!

•  Increases fitness, strength, coordination, balance and flexibility

•  Develops body awareness

•  Teaches children to use their bodies in a healthy way

•  Manages stress and big emotions through breathing, relaxation and movement

•  Builds concentration and focus

•  Increases self-esteem, confidence and resilience

•  Non-competitive, non-judgemental activity


Yoga at School

What we offer

• Breakfast/ Lunchtime/ After school clubs;

• Curriculum time (PE lessons); Sports Premium work; Nurture groups;

• Themed yoga days/weeks eg Healthy Week, a wellbeing day, Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day;

• Pre-exam resilience sessions;

• A one-off Yoga Experience Day, including sessions with all classes and a whole school assembly, if desired.

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What the Teachers Say


Jane runs a number of yoga sessions in our school and this love of yoga and all it can do is permeating my school.  Jane is a fantastic yoga teacher and it is her knowledge and skills which has brought this about.  She has enabled the children to cope with tricky situations and recognise their own strengths and when they need to breathe.  Her manner with the children is second to none and her ability to meet all children's needs has had a huge impact on them both inside and outside the classroom.  Their confidence is growing as is their repertoire of things which enable them to feel calm in a very stressful world.  Thank you Jane

Pam Evans
Headteacher , Neston Primary School, Wiltshire

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Jane is the most fabulous of people and offers an experience that is unrivalled. Her yoga sessions are brilliant for all ages and ensure that the children get a wonderful balance of both movement and mindfulness.
We have had Jane come in to our school and work with all classes more than once and her lunchtime club is of real benefit to our children. We feel very privileged to have had Jane help our children

Mark Soloman 
Headteacher , Colerne Primary School, Wiltshire


Your yoga sessions were magical for our children from Reception to Year 6. The children described them as 'fun, lively and thought provoking' while the teachers said they were perfectly pitched for each class and expertly run.

Kay Vousden 
Headteacher, Lea and Garsdon Primary School, Wiltshire

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